eluciidate: happy birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day


purhfections: happy birthday sweetie! :) xx

thanks lovely xx

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stuhpidly: Happy birthday!(: x

thanks sweetie xxx

broke-nwish: Happy Birthday! Have a kick ass day and do whatever the hell you want

thank youuu

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Anonymous: happy birthday loveeee

thank you baeee

Anonymous: Happy birthday Raeesa! X



04.11.14: [HQ] Kylie and Selena at Coachella
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electrily: raeeeesa, happy birthday!! you're honestly so kind and cute and i hope you get all the things you wished for and tbh i just want neymar to like wish you happy birthday or something 🎉 ily xx

hey sury!! not gonna lie I am kind and cute thanks for reminding me 😎 omg yea hahaa I wish ily xx

hiloou: happy bday sweetie 😍🎉🎂

thanx bb

o-v-e-r-whelmed: Happy birthday! I hope you're having a fab day :--)

Thank you so much and yes I am! hope you’re having a good day too x

patientlyy: Happy Birthday! :) 🎁💝🎉🎊🎈

Thank you Lena :) 💓💋

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c-itylust: happy birthday gorgeous!! x

thank you 😊😙